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Quickly approaching the time where fans of first-person shooters can get their hands on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, eleventh chapter of a hit series, the goose that lays the golden eggs of Activision. On 4 November the stores worldwide will be invaded by copies for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and 4 One. The deadline now close fitting a meeting in Milan with Glen Schofield, co-founder of Sledgehammer Games.

Broke the ice, we decide to tackle immediately the most thorny topic: it seems that nobody can help but COD and each chapter takes home dizzying digits, but it is also true that the latest titles you are perched on their laurels, squeezing a winning formula without trying to revitalize it: Egypt. There is desire for fresh air and not only from critics.

Coincidence has it that Advanced Warfare is the first COD developed independently by Sledgehammer Games (their previous title, Modern Warfare 3, was a collaboration with Infinity Ward as a leader). How did it go? There was a different freedom of movement?

“To a certain extent, because we’re still talking about a Call of Duty and therefore a substantial legacy to follow. It is also true, however, that Activision encouraged us to do really something new, reserving only the opportunity to let us see if we were exaggerating. Never happened, I worked side by side with them and input has always been to continue on the road we have chosen. ”

It certainly helped to have set Advanced Warfare in 2054, who pushed developers to wonder how will the war in the future: “we did a lot of research, in consultation with experts from MIT, NASA, the University of California, Berkeley and the Human Genome Project. We wanted the world that we were creating was science, not science fiction “.

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The most obvious result, or at least what seems to be more interested in Glen Schofield, is the exoskeleton worn by the character which we interpret in the game and his colleagues: “the ability to make very high leaps gave an unprecedented series of verticality. We had to completely change the way strutturavamo “settings.

And this is just one aspect: “There are so many new things, many details that it’s hard to sum up in a short time. But one thing that I like to point out is the graphics: we committed a lot of time to get high definition really of high level “.

Returning to the question of the setting in the near future, the impression given by the various trailer is to have control of a kind of superhero (and the exoskeleton helps a lot, in this sense).

It is curious, because lately the superheroes go out of fashion, even to movies for example: “when I was doing Dead Space, about 8 years ago, there was a trend in video games – people said: ‘ I want to be an ordinary person ‘. And so the hero of Dead Space is an engineer, a normal type. Today people say ‘ I want to be able to do more, I want to fly, jump, be very, very strong ‘. I do not know whether it is a cultural trend, but maybe it has to do with the desire to escape from everyday life. “